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Ponds And Water Features

We provide garden ponds and water features throughout Glossop, Greater Manchester, High Peak, Derbyshire and Cheshire.

A garden pond or water feature can be left to its own devices as a miniature nature reserve, but will look more attractive if it is stocked with aquatic plants and attracting wildlife, if you get the balance correct then the pond will be virtually self sustaining and it will limit the amount of work you need to keep it in good condition.

We provide child friendly ponds and water features to give peace of mind to all parents.

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Shallow flowing water adds the dimension of motion which gives your landscape a life of its own. The sound of the water is very relaxing and sets the mood for the garden. The most obvious impact of building a stream to a garden pond or water feature is emphasizing the overall size and feeling of the water features. From just 12" to 3 or 4ft wide a flowing stream ties everything together and looks natural.

Recent times have seen about three quarters of our natural wildlife ponds lost, along with the wetland plants and wildlife they supported. In making garden nature ponds you are building an oasis - for frogs, toads, newts, and dragonflies and giving yourself endless pleasure as you watch them come and go. It is also helps the kids see and understand the workings of nature a garden nature pond, stream and water feature can be installed for you by our pond installation team using puddled clay or rubber liner.

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Garden Pond Aftercare

The biggest enemies of your pond and its inhabitants are algae in summer, fallen leaves in autumn and ice in winter.

  • To discourage algal growth, remove anything shading the water, especially overgrown water lilies and oxygenators. Treat the water with a proprietary algaecide.
  • In hot weather, top the pond up occasionally to replace water lost by evaporation. If you have a fountain or waterfall, run it at intervals to help aerate the pond.
  • Net the pond in autumn to prevent leaves drifting into the water and decomposing, reducing the oxygen level. Clear the netting of leaves at regular intervals.
  • Place a small floating ball in the pond to keep part of the surface clear of ice during frosty weather, so that gases in the water can disperse. Do not break ice by force, you may stun and injure the fish which will lie happily dormant in near-freezing temperatures.

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Andy and Kerry New Moston

please take 5 mins to read this as this is the best testimonial we've ever had !!
Hi Gareth

We'd like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the work carried out on our garden.
The work that has been done is to the highest standard and faultless. Throughout the work being done even through the weather effected days the friendliness and professionalism shown by your team is a credit to you and your company name. The exact finish article to how we wanted this to look in our heads is astounding and the fact the shared surrounding areas outside of the garden are untouched during and now the work is finished shows true commitment and care.
As you know the real reason this work was required is to give our little boy the chance to play where he didn't have anything before that was safe enough. Not only have you provided this you've changed his life and for this we cant thank you enough.

Please pass on our thanks to your lads and we will sure to recommend you and your company to anyone that ever comments or asks us about it.

Andy & Kerry Stevens

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