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Rock Gardens can be great for creating interest in many parts of your garden. However, your rockery is ideally best suited near to the house or patio - unless you are a regular 'visitor' to your own garden.

One reason for this, is that the plants which are going to make your rock garden into the success you are trying to achieve, are usually small shrubs or dainty little alpines, and these kind of plants do not normally create the "sea of colour" that looks good from a distance!

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Together with this, your rockery needs to be kept under close observation, because weeds can soon take hold, and if they are allowed to become firmly established in your rockery, they can be very difficult to remove without damaging your other plants.

We have helped to transform many of our clients gardens by introducing themed rockeries into them. Our team has many years of experience working with all types of plants and know which plants will work best in your rockery.

Pond RockeryWater Feature Rockery

Many times a water feature is also one of the main attractions in rockeries. These can visually enhance the rockery and if planned correctly, can provide the water necessary for any plants which are surrounding the area.

Some creatures, such as worms, frogs and toads will often live in damp areas under rocks and beside pools of water. Birds may also build their nests on plants and spaces between the rocks or stones. We take all these things into consideration when planning your rockery.

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David Whitfield

We recently had our garden transformed by Gareth Wilson Landscape specialists. Having received excellent service two years ago when they constructed a patio at the rear of the garden in India stone, we decided to have the lawn removed and replaced with an eight foot (240cm) cicular stone paving surrounded by large pebbles(30-40mm).The result is fantastic and both my wife and I are delighted with the transformation. We were both impressed with the courtesy and politeness of the workmen who went out of their way to complete the project as quickly and precisely to the agreed plan. Before leaving, the site was completely and thoroughly cleaned to removed any dirt on the pathways and all rubbish removed.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Gareth Wilson and his team to all our friends and associates. A job well done.
Thank you.

Happy customers from Whitfield, Glossop
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