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Multi award winning landscapers including Gold Medal and "Best In Show" 2014 and 2015 at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park "Industrial Transitions" and the "Perennial Legacy Garden"
Hedge Trimming

We provide hedge maintenance or a one off service for people who wish to have their hedges trimmed, hedge trimming is one of those sayings that's sounds like it's easy work but as most people have found out it's not an easy thing at all.

Trimming hedges can be an art in itself, having the right equipment and a keen eye is vital, there are also many different types of hedges that require different levels of maintenance and skill to keep them, that's where we come in, Wilson Gardening Services provide hedge trimming in and around Glossop, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire & Cheshire but will consider other areas too.

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Hedge Trimming Tips

Depending upon the age of your hedge and the purpose for pruning (width, thickness, height or all three,) determine your goal and think past what the hedge may hide before hacking away with trimmers.

Walk around the hedge or look over the top, if it hides an eyesore behind it then you may want to reconsider the pruning plan, new hedge plant's don't need a lot of care until roots are established and the plants have grown together to form the border width and height desired. Periodically snipping outgrowth of smaller bushes a few times during the growing cycle will encourage the plants to branch towards each other and up. When the hedged achieves desired height and width, the best method for overall appearance is selective pruning by hand.

Hedge Trimmer People Trimming Hedges

Please contact us either by email at The service you will find will be fast, friendly, reliable and professional - a service that you will recommend again and again.

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Caroline Glossop

Gareth and his team have undoubtedly changed our lives forever with their work on our garden.
From dangerous wasteland to family garden in under three weeks; It is now a beautiful, clean, finished space where we can all play, garden and stretch out to our hearts content.
Fantastic, friendly guys with a ton of patience and skill. Thank you for extending our home gareth
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